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New double-sided dispenser case

New double-sided dispenser case
June 11, 2012

New double-sided dispenser case

JBC has designed a new double-sided dispenser case in order to protect C105 and C210 cartridges and to make the changing task easier.

Although it is supplied with 5 units of C105 cartridge, it is able to save a maximum of 8 units of C105 cartridges on one side and a maximum of 6 units of C210 cartridges on the other side.

Our customers can also get it without cartridges according to the following reference: DC-A Cartridge dispenser case C105C210.

JBC is improving continuously its products in order to make your job easier. The R&D department has created the most innovative soldering technologies because making the perfect soldering tool is one of JBC’s goals.