New Compact Station with soldering profiles

New Compact Station with soldering profiles
November 10, 2017

New Compact Station with soldering profiles

JBC improves its Compact Range for a better soldering process.


JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, has improved its best-selling product and has launched the new branded Compact Station CDE.

The company has designed the station for higher performance, and added new features and functions. The CDE features a new and powerful functionality of profiles to perform soldering tasks with the maximum precision.

Soldering profiles

For an effective process, soldering must be carried out under carefully calibrated conditions. The use of these profiles allows a dynamic control of tip temperature to obtain the highest quality when soldering.

By using JBC soldering profiling system customers can reduce the thermal stress on components such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) in accordance with IPC J-STD-001G Section 4.6 (Thermal protection).

Profiles can be generated periodically or continuously for each and every assembly. Up to 25 dynamic profiles can be edited to control tip temperature precisely and exported in a memory stick via the front USB-A connector for future use and analysis.

Excellence Range benefits

The CDE comes with a new cartridge stand that allows the operator to easily store up to 4 cartridges, and a 2.8” color display, which facilitates user interaction through an easy browsing and a new visual interface for working with total comfort.

Moreover, the new station CDE features all the Excellence Range benefits, such as partial and total counters and multiple connection possibilities. It can be connected to peripherals, including a pedal to enter the station in sleep mode, the Fume Extractor FAE and even the JBC Net system so it can be controlled remotely.

CDE software is available in 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean.

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