New cartridges for AP130 and T210

New cartridges for AP130 and T210
October 04, 2012

New cartridges for AP130 and T210

JBC has designed new cartridges that increase the possibilities of AP130 solder feed iron and T210 micro handpiece.


This cartridge has a similar geometry to C250-412 because of the bent screwdriver shape. It has a large tinned surface: 4.8 mm wide, 1.5 mm thick and 12 mm long.


It is also a screwdriver cartridge-shaped but shorter and thinner than the C210-008. It provides greater stability and accuracy in applications with medium power requirements.

JBC cartridges incorporate a single piece with a heating element and a fully integrated thermal sensor. This unique design with little mass minimizes thermal resistance, optimizes heat transfer and ensures an extremely fast temperature recovery.