JBC`s Web Manager demo is now available!

JBC`s Web Manager demo is now available!
July 18, 2016

JBC`s Web Manager demo is now available!

Get complete control of the soldering process with just a click.

After presenting the Open Manager software which remotely manages JBC stations, the company is now rolling out free access to the Web Manager demo, the complete solution to controlling stations, users and production lines and whole plants.

JBC’s Web Manager gives medium and big companies total control over the soldering process via Intranet, LAN or Internet. All the stations can be configured at the same time and a specific configuration can be applied to each product line, regardless of where the factory is located.  This means they can ensure that every plant works with the same parameters and standards.

Companies can also establish the operators with the Web Manager and provide each one with authorization to make changes depending on their status. This control over production prevents failures, errors and problems so that quality is ensured before the product is finished and not after the routine check.

Try it out now!

With our online demo you can try the Web Manager from your computer, tablet or mobile. You will have almost the entire set of features at your fingertips so as to be sure it is the right solution for your company.

  • - The site has the following demonstration activities available:
  • - See your JBC stations connected to the network.
  • - Assign stations to a specific zone or product line.
  • - Manage users and their authorization to modify parameters.
  • - Configure the stations and the tools individually or together at the same time.
  • - Modify parameters such as temperature, hibernation and sleep modes… with just a click.
  • - Import, create and export profiles.
  • - Get data from the stations and create graphics to analyze the soldering process better.

Registration is free and takes just a few seconds!