JBC at IPC Apex EXPO 2021 virtual event
March 05, 2021

JBC at IPC Apex EXPO 2021 virtual event

Goes Virtual!
Stop by our Virtual Stand

JBC, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, is pleased to announce its participation in the IPC APEX EXPO 2021 Virtual Event.

Event will take place from March 08 – 12th, 2021. We invite you to stop by our Virtual Stand.

You will discover our new soldering technologies and solutions:

JNA High-Precision Hot Air Station
Rework, position and remove SMDs without affecting nearby components.

Preheater Range
JBC offers the widest Preheater Range in the market, adding PHNK and PHXK to its current portfolio

CDES / CDEB Soldering-Assistant Stations
Improve your soldering quality in real time!

Among others innovations!

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We are proud to be participating in the IPC APEX Expo. As always, it’s a great experience to make an impact with our revolutionary technology.