IPC World Championship winner used JBC equipment

IPC World Championship winner used JBC equipment
November 23, 2017

IPC World Championship winner used JBC equipment

Once again the winner of the IPC Hand Soldering Competition at productronica 2017 became Nº 1 with a JBC station.

Competitors from well-known electronics companies competed at the soldering contest at productronica 2017 in Munich, Germany. In this occasion, IPC held the European regional hand soldering competition at the electronics trade fair as well as the IPC HSC World Championship.

Taking first place with a cash prize of €1000 and a JBC Soldering Station was Ms. Zhang Xi from the 10th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation with a score of 473 out of a possible 500.

Excellence in soldering

The best-of-the-best hand soldering talent came to demonstrate their soldering skills during the 4-day exhibition.

Those who competed with a JBC soldering station were able to use the DME 4 Tools Control Unit, the JTSE Hot Air Station, the T245-A General Purpose Handle, the T210-A Precision Purpose Handle, the PA-120 Microtweezers, the DR560-A Desoldering Iron and the CLMB Senior Tip Cleaner.

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