HD Thermal Tweezers

HT470-A - HD Thermal Tweezers
The Heavy Duty Thermal Tweezers were originally designed for soldering coaxial cables for telecommunications, reducing handling time.

They are the ideal solution for high thermal demands, such as copper conductors and pretinned aluminium parts, or prolonged soldering jobs as they work with two HDE Heavy Duty stations.

The cartridges are managed individually thereby optimizing their thermal performance and can also be readily aligned to fit the component.

These tweezers only work with C470 cartridges.
Net weight
0,27 kg (0.59lb)
ESD safe
Package weight
0,38 kg (0.83lb)
Package dimensions
300 x 125 x 65 mm
(11.81 x 4.92 x 2.56 in)
Cartridge Range
Compact Line
Compatible tools
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