New eco-friendly JBC Cartridge Packaging

The ‘eco’ market, more sustainable and respectful of the health of the planet and people, does not stop growing.

JBC introduces a new plastic-free & easy-to-open cartridge
packaging with detailed information

It is a lighter solution, made of recyclable cardboard, resistant and reduces the volume of your storage as well.

The neutral and flat design of the front allows us to include the article number, the measurements and the shape of the cartridge it contains. Furthermore, it offers quick and easy opening and guarantees maximum protection of the cartridge.

There are two sizes, the small size (95 x 45 mm / 3.74 x 1.77 in) for ranges C105, C115, C120, C210 as well desoldering tips and the large one (130 x 45 mm / 5.12 x 1.77 in) for ranges C130, C245, C420, C250, R245 and C470, R470 of the Heavy Duty range.

Ultimately, it is about raising awareness that every small action counts if we want to guarantee a healthy future for our planet Earth. It is important to change our way of life to make it more respectful of the environment that surrounds us.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we don’t want to be left behind and JBC will introduce the new packaging from September 2020 onward.