CV-1BPneumatic microdesoldering station

Pneumatic microdesoldering station

CV-1B - Pneumatic microdesoldering station
CV is a microdesoldering station using air compress and JBC Advanced technology for precision electronic applications.

It incorporates the JBC exclusive heating system that increase the work efficiency thanks to the fast temperature recovery.

The intelligent sleep and the hibernation feature enable to extend tip´s life more than 5 times.

Through the menu you can customize more than 20 functionalities in order to manage the soldering process.

CV is equipped with a pneumatic pump and works with the comfortable DS360 desoldering
and C360 cartridge.

Compact stations feature all the necessary accessories to make your job easier in the minimum footprint.
Net Weight2.8 kg (6.2 lb) (station)
Size150x175x145 mm (station)
Input Fuse2A
Output Peak Power40W / 23.5V
Temperature selection180-450 ºC / 356-840 ºF
Ambient operating temp.10-40 ºC / 50-104 ºF
ESD Safe
Air pressure3 - 6 Bar
Vacuum90% / 680mmHg / 26.8inHg
Flow rate15 SLPM
Package weight4.7 kg (10.3 lb)
Package dimensions330x260x305 mm
Cartridge Range
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