Compact line

JBC - Compact stations JBC-precision handpiece JBC-microtweezer JBC-microdesoldering iron JBC-handpiece JBC-Solder Feed iron

Using the JBC exclusive heating system, Compact stations suit your soldering and desoldering needs in the minimum footprint.

The perfect solution for precision soldering jobs.

For soldering in general electronic applications.

The solution for soldering and
desoldering by using microtweezers.

Soldering station with a solder feed iron
for intensive or free single-handed jobs.

Desoldering station with electric pump for
precision jobs.

For precision desoldering jobs by using a
pneumatic pump.

Compact Stations
A self-contained station incorporating JBC technology.

Modular System

Building your personal soldering needs.

Premium Stations

Designed for industrial and intensive use with extraordinary thermal performance.

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COMPACT Line stations
A step forward to make your job easier

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The revolutionary range for the electronics professional


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The entire range of pencil-type soldering irons

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The only time a soldering iron must reach its required
temperature level is during a soldering operation.
JBC’s intelligent heat management detects how the tools are used;
accordingly the integrated support function activates
the sleep or hibernation mode.

The intelligent heat management helps
to extend tip life by lowering temperature;
it also helps to save energy by reducing power usage
to 10W in sleep mode and 4W in hibernation mode.

Help us to protect the environment and to save energy!

Tip cleaning stand
Designed to be used right next to the point of work