What can you expect from top quality soldering?

See the advantages of top quality soldering with JBC equipment:

Exclusive Heating System

JBC`s high technology stations will reach 350°C in only 2 seconds. Our stations work with the JBC Exclusive Heating System which recovers tip temperature extremely quickly. This, in turn, increases work efficiency and allows the user to work with lower temperatures.

The Sleep & Hibernation modes drop the temperature when the tool is at rest. This means that a tip life will last 5 times longer. You can easily configure them from the station menu.

Depending on the application, you can choose from over 400 models of cartridges of different shapes and sizes which ensure an efficient control of temperature.

The best equipment for a successful hand soldering

The quick cartridge extractor allows the operator to change cartridges quickly and safely. This saves time and thereby increases productivity.

The station is designed to suit the operator’s work position and the antisplash membrane prevents solder particles from dirtying the work area which is kept clean.

More functions, better quality in soldering

The JBC station to PC communication system allows you to configure and manage your stations remotely. You can update the station software, create graphs of the soldering process and manage or monitor up to 20 personalized parameters via your PC.

Ask for a free trial period of 30 days and see the advantages of top quality soldering with JBC equipment.


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