The future is digital and automated

After three days and with a meaningful growth in attendance, Nepcon South China drew to a close this week. JBC has met the visitor’s expectations by introducing its digital and automated innovations.

Technology companies are continually on the leading-edge, considering unconventional and innovating ways to meet the market demands. JBC has identified this. So we have developed new solutions to achieve greater levels of productivity and efficiency.

JBC digital solutions at Nepcon


Industry 4.0: JBC brings the digital transformation to the soldering process

We have already introduced in China our Excellence range with great success; it’s a new generation of stations with more functions, customizable parameters and integrated communications with PCs and robots.

Now, JBC is a pioneer in approaching the Industry 4.0 in the electronics assembly industry. We have developed the JBC Net, the first smart system to optimize traceability in soldering.

This innovative system allows medium and big companies total control over the soldering process via Internet. They can configure all stations at the same time and apply a specific configuration to each product line, no matter where the factory is located. For example, from Shenzhen, you can control your factories in Guandong or Sichuan.

It is also an added value to get complete traceability reports that optimize the production process.

Automation, a key factor

We are aware that the future is digital and automated. Demand for automation equipment is also growing in developing markets. China may be the largest importer of industrial automation products in the world.


Industrial Robots are commonly used so we are adapting our tools to this new reality. Our R+D department have been working along this year to develop new solutions such as a soldering head, cartridges for automation, a solder feeder, an automatic tip cleaner or even an automatic cartridge exchange system.

We can provide tools for soldering automation which can be used even with the most difficult applications.

Innovation, the core of our company DNA

JBC is a reference of innovation with approximately ¼ of the staff dedicated to the R & D area. Constant innovation allows us to offer different tools that meet customers’ precise specifications. We are present during the whole customer-journey so we can meet and anticipate their needs.

Needs and problems can be detected from a visit to a customer or the feedback they provide. And we ourselves also analyze possible problems… We are a team and endeavor to find the best solution, and this makes our company different.

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7 thoughts on “The future is digital and automated

  1. Philip

    That was a good read, I love being able to automate things in my life and am looking forward to the future when I can automate much more so I can enjoy more free time

    1. JBC Post author

      Technology makes our lives easier 😉 Automating little tasks will allow you to focus on what you consider is important! Thanks for your comment 🙂


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