Your Soldering Net

A whole control of the soldering process, bringing quality, reliability and efficiency.

It is a solution designed to configure and manage one or multiple networks of JBC stations

Bring quality, reliability and efficiency to the soldering process

Strengthen the station's performance

Two softwares to choose from

JBC Net · Win Manager
Manage the stations locally
Download the software from our website
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Its a Windows program installed in a PC. In the LAN a Windows Service, named Station Controller,  will be needed to control the stations.

JBC Net · Web Manager
Control the stations globally
Adaptable to all devices. Only requires a browser
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Furthermore, the Web Manager allows establishing operators and provides each one with permission to make changes depending on their status.
It has three levels of status with different editing rights.

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The graphs display solder quality in real time. Compare power and temperature variables of different stations at the same time. Analyze data exported in CSV.



Group stations according to their task and place. Configure them all at the same time. Apply a specific configuration to each production line.



Monitor the state of each station (Sleep, Hibernation and temperature) and edit the parameters as if it were being done on-site.



Save and export configurations with just a click. You can share them with other production plants thereby assuring that they work with the same parameters.

Manage your work remotely in real time


Manage the stations locally

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Control the stations globally

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Windows Operating System
Multiplatform System (Android, iOS, Linux)
Configure your stations network
Configure your stations network via internet
Control the stations remotely
User login
Control different product lines
Restriction of user costumization
Assign users to a particular area
Modify user's profile (ºC/ºF, language,...)
Modify stations and tool settings
Configure all your JBC stations in just one click
Export soldering data and graphics of the soldering process
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