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Which is the best system for cleaning tips?

With the implementation of lead-free soldering, besides the wet sponge there are alternative ways to cleaning the tip. Their use depends on how much residue needs to be removed, maintenance and the technology of the soldering method.

The following guidelines will help you choose the most convenient method for cleaning your tips. Read on!

JBC cleaning systems

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Safety guidelines for soldering

As soldering poses a few different dangers, we have prepared this safety checklist to ensure operator awareness of the hazards and good practices when working. To stay as safe as possible, read on!

Safety before workingsafety-fume-extractor-jbc

  • Workbench: Keep your bench clean and tidy.
  • Workplace: Work in a well-ventilated area and use a fume extractor.
  • Clothing: Always wear safety glasses and heat resistant gloves.
  • Equipment: Keep your equipment away from flammable products.

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Best soldering practices

How many solder joints can your tips do?
It varies by the tip geometry, the thickness of the tip’s iron coating, the temperature settings, the solder, the flux used and the operator skills.
JBC features tips which can perform up to 100,000 solder joints.

How often and when do I need to use the tip tinner?

The tip tinner / cleaner is a chemical method to clean and retin the tip at the same time.
It should be used only when alternative methods fail (i.e. sponge, brass) and a very active cleaning method is needed.

Do I have to change cartridges anytime I want to solder at a different temperature?
No, you are free to choose any temperature with any cartridge. If desired the temperature can easily be locked at a fixed level.

soldering best practices

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