Soldering Unit 
for Automation
This complete solution includes
several devices which can be
integrated in automated
processes and is
easily installable to existing

JBC provides the Soldering Unit
HA245A-5A for standard
and the Kit HA470A-5A
for Heavy Duty soldering.

The new cartridge types
R245 & R470 are specially
designed for use in soldering
processes with robots.

Depending on your application,
the different devices can also be
combined individually.

Solder Feeder SFR-A Guide Kit GSFR Automatic Tip Cleaner CLMR-A Soldering Head RBA-A Automatic Cartridge Stand UCR245-5A Automatic Cartridge Stand UCR470-5A TRA245-A TRA470-A Automatic Cartridge Stand CS2R245-A Automatic Cartridge Stand CS2R470-A

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