Adjustable Tweezers Range

The adjustment systems integrated in these tweezers allow alignment of the cartridges in a fast and efficient way. Along with a sturdy tool design it guarantees the precision and quality for soldering or reworking SMD components.

The cartridges can be easily replaced using the Quick Cartridge Extractor of JBC´s Stands.

Adjustable Nano Tweezers

The perfect solution for the highest
precision when soldering or reworking
SMDs such as 0402, 0201, 01005.

Adjustable Micro Tweezers

The perfect solution for fast and precise
SMDs rework of chip components and
small/medium SOP from PCB assemblies.

Adjustable Thermal Tweezers

The perfect solution for soldering and
desoldering SMDs such as QFP, PLCC,
SOIC, etc