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JBC Net wins Innovation Award at IPC APEX EXPO

The company has received in San Diego this prestigious recognition.

JBC announces that it has been awarded the IPC APEX EXPO Innovation Award for JBC Net, the first smart system to optimize traceability and resources in hand soldering.

JBC Net has stood out among thirty-four products and services that were reviewed, rated and scored by a panel of industry experts.

The award was presented to the company during John Mitchell’s keynote. “The product and service submissions were certainly innovative and the companies did an exceptional job in identifying their product’s unique value in the industry”, said the IPC president and CEO.


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How to rework heat sensitive components

The main factors contributing to cracking Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are the brittleness of the ceramic materials and the thermal and mechanical stresses associated to SMT assembly processes.

During manual rework, one of the main risks for these MLCC is the thermal shock that takes place when the soldering tip touches directly the component. When this happens, all the heat on the tip is transferred without control to the capacitor creating cracks on it.

In order to mitigate damage to MLCCs, manufacturers have been providing guidelines to reduce the risk of cracking like applying the soldering tip only to the pad so the heat is transferred to lead through the solder alloy, preheating the chip to more than 150°C to reduce the temperature gradient that takes place as soon as the soldering tip is applied, etc.

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“Success in the emerging markets requires adaptation to local attitudes and values”

In 1999 JBC expanded its business model in the United States, the world’s largest economy. The International Monetary Fund expects the US to be the fastest growing advanced economy over the next few years, outpacing many other western countries. This represents an exceptional opportunity that JBC must not miss.

Who do we need to build up JBC’s market share in the country? Only someone with many years of experience under his belt. Our company is committed to taking on talented and productive staff, which is why JBC hire David Reyes as Sales Manager in the US.

Want to know more about him? Read on!

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