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The tip is the most essential part of the tool. While the soldering iron holds and heats the tip and controls performance, the tip has the most important job of transferring heat efficiently and reliably to the solder joint.

How to choose the correct tip

JBC offers you an Exclusive Heating System and a wide range of tips which detect the temperature quickly and increase work effciency.

When you start working do not forget:

Bigger is better

As you know, the bigger the solder tip, the better the thermal transfer. So remember to select the biggest tip possible for your application. This way you will be able to:

  • Work at lower temperatures (350ºC).
  • Obtain faster results in less time.
  • Improve thermal performance.
  • Increase temperature precision.
  • Reduce collateral damage (thermal stress on components and PCBs).

JBC offers over 350 tips of different sizes, shapes and power

The JBC range includes models from Ø0,1 mm for precision jobs to the Ø15 mm for high power requirement applications.comp Continue reading

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