100 V - HDE-B Robot station

HDRE-9B - HDE-B Robot station
The ideal solution for repetitive jobs with robot requiring continued high thermal power.

It includes the HDE Heavy Duty station which communicates with the robot through the RJ12
connector and in accordance with this Protocol.

It also features the JBC exclusive heating system and the Excellence range benefits.

The converter guarantees the sleep & hibernation modes without using a stand.

The T470-SA Handle suits perfectly any
robotic system thanks to its 3m cable and
the screw to prevent the cartridge rotation.

Cartridge not included.
Modular Line
Product Composition
Control Unit:
HDE Control Unit
Weight3.977 kg (8.76 lb)
Dimensions145 x 120 x 225 mm
Input fuse4A
Output peak power250W
Temperature selection90-500 ºC (190-932 ºF)
Idle temp. stability (still air)±1.5 ºC (±3 ºF)
Tip to ground resistance<2 ohms
Tip to ground voltage<2 mV RMS
Ambient operating temp.10-40 ºC (50-104 ºF)
Communication connectorsUSB-A / USB-B / Peripherals
Robot connectorRJ12 for RS-232 protocol
ESD safe
Package weight4.385 kg (9.66 lb)
Package dimensions258 x 328 x 208 mm

HDRE-B Manual(2.39 Mb)
CHB-A Manual(379 Kb)


Exploded View:
Exploded View(417 Kb)
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