Electric Desoldering Module for DDE & DME

MSE-A - Electric Desoldering Module for DDE & DME
The Electric Desoldering Module is indispensable for a complete desoldering process.

Its optimized electronic suction system create a vacuum peak at the startup in order to collect the solder before it cools down.

It is supplied with easy-to-change filters for extending the pump´s life.

The MSE can be joined to any port of the DDE & DME control units and has the possibility
to be controlled by the P-005 Pedal.

It works with the comfortable DS360 or DR560 desoldering irons and their corresponding tips.
Modular line

Weight1,22 kg (2.69lb)
Dimensions145 x 55 x 225 mm
(5.71 x 2.17 x 8.86 in)
Vacuum75% / 570mmHg / 22.4inHg
Flow rate9 SLPM
Ambient operating temp.10-40 ºC / 50-104 ºF
Pedal connection
ESD Safe
Package weight1,53 kg (3.36lb)
Package dimensions280 x 195 x 115 mm
(11.02 x 7.68 x 4.53 in)

MSE-A Manual(1.65 Mb)

Modular Line(622 Kb)

Exploded View:
Exploded View(364 Kb)
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