Solder Pot Cartridge Stand

CT-SA - Solder Pot Cartridge Stand
Robust and stable unit which gives security while working and avoids tipping over accidentally.

Residue tray
Easily remove for emptying and cleaning.

Quick release screw
Safe and easy change of the handle with no need to use a tool.

Protective Screen
It offers protection against accidental burns from the solder pot.

To eliminate surface dirt on the molten tin.

It can be employed with the C470-SP01 Solder Pot Cartridge (for T470 handles) or the
C245-SP01 Solder Pot Cartridge (for T245 handles).

To save space when the CT-SA is used, the T245 and T470 handles can be directly connected to the HDE, DI, DDE and DME control units with the CHB-A converter.

Cartridges and handles not included.

Weight1,00 kg (2.20lb)
Package weight1,31 kg (2.89lb)
Package dimensions342 x 155 x 120 mm
(13.46 x 6.10 x 4.72 in)


CT-SA Manual(1.91 Mb)


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