SG1070 Gas Soldering Iron

SG1070 - SG1070 Gas Soldering Iron
The regulated power, the tips
variety and the three different
working modes allow you to
carry out all electronics jobs.

This Iron is ideal for home
repairs where there is no
electricity supply.

It comes with Piezo-electric
ignition and is supplied with
SF 2.4 tip (0201720).

There are Tips with different
Gas regulationequivalent to a power range of 25...125W.
Maximum temperatureSoldering iron 580 ºC
Hot air625 ºC
Mini-torch1300 ºC
Fuelfiltered butane gas
Gas capacity15 cm3
Time between reloads2 hours at average power
Fitted withSF 2.4 tip
Net Weight0,14 kg (0.31lb)
Transparent gas capsule
Package weight0,18 kg (0.41lb)
Package dimensions240 x 49 x 49 mm
(9.45 x 1.93 x 1.93 in)
Classic Range
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