RWT-BAdjustable Rework Arm (w/o Base)
RWB-B - Rework Arm for PHB

Rework Arm for PHB
(Base 480x550 mm)


RWS-D - Rework Arm for PHS

Rework Arm for PHS
(Base 270x410 mm)


RWT-B - Rework Arm

Rework Arm
(w/o Base)


Adjustable Rework Arm (w/o Base)

This Rework Arm comes without a base plate and it is easy installable onto the workbench. Therefore, the operator takes full advantage of the workbench surface.

The Rework Arm RWS supports the Hot Air Heater allowing hands-free operation. Due to an included adapter piece the Rework Arm suits for JT and TE Heaters Hose Set´s.

The Rework Arm comes with different articulations which are allowing height adjustment and work position adjustment to suit the operator`s needs.

The Tool Holder allows inclination and rotation adjustment. Both vertical axis and Tool Holder articulation are scaled, which is helpful in repetitive soldering tasks.

The Hose Clamp holds the Heater Hose away from the work area to keep it clear of obstacles.

PCB Support and Heater Hose Set are not included.
RWT-B - Adjustable Rework Arm (w/o Base)
Net weight
2,79 kg (6.16lb)
386,5 x 444,5 x 85
15.20 x 17.48 x 3.35 in
Package weight
3,92 kg (8.64lb)
Package dimensions
595 x 520 x 180 mm
23.43 x 20.47 x 7.09 in
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