Soldering and Desoldering Irons

PENCIL LINE - Soldering and Desoldering Irons
The heating system enables to work with all the heat produced by the element. This system achieves a fast temperature recovery.

The wide range of long-life tips and the matching accesories facilitate to carry out all kinds of electronics tasks.

All the 230V pencil-type are equipped
with long-life tips.

They incorporate a thermo-resistant
three-core cable.
Available in the following references:
14ST Soldering Iron + TIP
14ST Heating Element
30ST Soldering Iron + Tip
30ST Heating Element
30ST Soldg. Iron + Stand + Tip
30ST Soldg. Iron without Tip
40ST Soldering Iron + Tip
40ST Heating element
65ST Soldering Iron + Tip
65ST Heating element
DST Desoldering Iron + Tip
Classic Range
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