HD Tweezers Kit

KHT470A - HD Tweezers Kit
For applications requiring high thermal demands or prolonged soldering.

Total power
It works with two HDE Heavy Duty stations in order to manage the cartridges individually, thereby optimizing their thermal performance.

Save time
The HT470-A HD Thermal Tweezers reduce the handling time and the cartridges can be readily aligned to adapt to the component.

Foamed grip
The thermal insulation grip provides a perfect control of the tool and greater comfort to the user.

Only compatible with C470 cartridges.
No cartridge supplied.

Net Weight1.665 kg (3.67 lb)
ESD Safe
Package weight2.506 kg (5.52 lb)
Package dimensions440 x 210 x 220 mm


HDE Brochure(1.23 Mb)

Exploded View:
Exploded View(292 Kb)
Cartridge Range
Compact Line
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