FAE1-100 - Compact Filter for FAE1

Compact Filter for FAE1


FAE1-110 - Pre-filter for FAE1

Pre-filter for FAE1


FAE2-100 - Compact Filter for FAE2

Compact Filter for FAE2


FAE2-110 - Pre-filter for FAE2

Pre-filter for FAE2


Compact Filter for FAE2 Fume Extractor

JBC Fume Extractor FAE2-5A features a compact three-layered filter

This replacement for Compact Filter includes Hepa Filter, Carbon Filter and Pre-filter FAE2-110 .

The combination of the three-layered filter system reaches a certified filtering efficiency of the soldering fumes up to 99.95 per cent in accordance with norm EN 1822.

The unit has a LED warning to know when it is time to replace the pre-filter or the compact filter. It is also notified through the unit display.

FAE2-100 - Compact Filter for FAE2 Fume Extractor
- 1
FAE2-100 Compact Filter for FAE2 Fume Extractor
Medium dust filter M5 (EN 779)
Compact filters
H13 particle filter (EN 1822)
Activated carbon filter
Net weight
4,50 kg (9.92lb)
Package weight
5,00 kg (11.02lb)
Package dimensions
0.00 in
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