HRRRework Right Hand Support
RHT-A - Rework Hand


Rework Hand
Support without base

HRL-A - Rework Left


Rework Left
Hand Support

HRR-A - Rework Right


Rework Right
Hand Support

RHN-A - Rework Hand


Rework Hand
Support for PHNK

RHS-A - Rework Hand


Rework Hand
Support for PHSK

RHB-A - Rework Hand


Rework Hand
Support for PHBK

Rework Right Hand Support

HRR Right Hand Support allows adjustment for different positions according to your work needs.

An indispensable tool for precision work which provides a point of support very close to the working zone, allowing the stabilization of the pulse rate.

It makes the work more comfortable enabling a more relaxed position and reducing fatigue, which makes it perfect for working processes like placing components, soldering, picking with tweezers or solder feeding.

It can be coupled with RWS, RWB or RWT Adjustable Rework Arms for those working processes where hand stabilization is required.
HRR-A - Rework Right Hand Support
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HRR Rework Right Hand Support
Arm lenght
444.5 mm / 17.5 in
Dimensions and weight
1.060 kg (2.34 lb)
2.180 kg (4.81 lb)
280 x 280 x 164 mm