Improve your
soldering quality
in real time

Soldering AID

The first system that measures energy in real time during the soldering process

Soldering AID allows analyzing manual soldering processes and obtaining a qualification of these by comparing the soldering joints one by one.


The station identifies when a soldering joint is performed, records the power delivered in each instant and measures the energy supplied.


The system compares all new technical soldering joints to the pre-stored soldering joint.

This function gives feedback to the operator, showing three different colours along with a percentage to qualify the soldering process*:

*Percentage that shows the similarity between the performed soldering and the soldering reference.

Energy of the soldering process

The measurement of the energy delivered by the soldering process and the time needed to do so, is what allows the station to indicate whether two soldering joints are equal or not.

How do we achieve a quality solder joint?



A renewed user menu allows the user to easily set up the station parameters. Set the proper soldering configuration to obtain the best quality soldering in just a few steps and activate Soldering AID.



The Soldering AID compares the power delivery between two equal soldering joints performed with different tip geometries. This allows the user to select the most optimal cartridge for each soldering process is.


soldering reference

To obtain a high-quality soldering reference, it is recommendable that an expert performs and verifies the soldering process.



Perform soldering joints and the station will compare them with the pre-stored joint. Repeat until you achieve the desired results.


Know the energy delivered to the soldering joint

Monitor the soldering process

Obtain information to optimize processes

Help operators with little experience

Compact Stations with Soldering AID


For precision soldering



For general purposes soldering

Is your cartridge suitable for your solder joint?