2 Tool Precision Station

DDPE - 2 Tool Precision Station
DDPE Precision Rework Station is a perfect solution for fast and precise SMD rework of passive components and small outline ICs using hand soldering tools.

The DDE manages up to 2 tools simultaneously and is fully compatible with 10 different JBC tools. Check below the for complete list of compatible tools.

This rework station comes with the T210 Precision Handle and the AM120 Adjustable Micro Tweezers.

The short distance tip-to-grip of both tools provides the highest precision handling even under microscope.

The Precision Handle T210 work with C210 and the AM120 with C120 cartridges whose exceptional thinness allows reworking components on heavily populated PCBAs without disturbing nearby components.

With the practical Cartridge Holder SCH-A the different cartridges are always stored nearby.
Available in the following references:
120 V - Ref.

230 V - Ref.

100 V - Ref.

Common Data:
according to model:
120V / 230V / 100V
ESD safe
Package weight
4,27 kg (9.41lb)
Package dimensions
0.00 in)

DDE Data:

T210 Data:

PA120 Data:
Cartridge Range
Compatible tools
Spare Parts
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