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CDDDesoldering Station

Desoldering Station

Newly Upgraded!
More intuitive and well-connected

The perfect station for precision desoldering jobs of THT components and SMD pad cleaning.

It uses DS360 Micro Desoldering Iron, a microdesoldering iron for thin desoldering jobs of SMD or conventional components. It is capable to provide up to 40 W, if it is required. DS360 works with C360 Tip Range.

This station includes:

  • • Fast and easy configuration of the station thanks to the 7-key keypad.

  • Cartridge Holder to store up to four cartridges, as well as Cartridge Extractor and Cable Collector.

  • • Connectivity to JBC Fume Extractor (connector RJ12).

It provides the best soldering quality thanks to JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and, additionally, the Sleep & Hibernation Modes help to extend the life of tips.
CDD - Desoldering Station
Equipped with Electric Pump:
100 V
120 V
230 V
CS Control Unit
Selectable Temperature
180 to 450 ºC / 360 to 840 ºF
75% / 570 mmHg / 22.4 inHg
Flow rate
Software PC / Firmware update
Equipotential bonding
Optional connection to EPA
RJ12 Connector
Earthing Fuse
F 1.25A
ESD safe
Tip to ground vol./ resist.
Meets and exceed
ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 IPC J-STD-001F
Power supply
Peak power
40 W - 23.5 V
Ambient operating temp.
10 to 50 ºC / 50 to 122 ºF
Dimensions and weight
Compact Stations
170 x 176 x 145 mm / 4.00 kg.
6.69 x 6.93 x 5.71 in / 8.82 lb.
495 x 295 x 255 mm / 5.47 kg.
19.49 x 11.61 x 10.04 in / 12.06 lb.
Cartridge Range
Other Compatible Items