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Senior Tip Cleaner

CLMS-B - Junior Tip Cleaner


Junior Tip Cleaner

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Manual Tip Cleaner

Junior Tip Cleaner

This automatic cleaner improves thermal transfer of the tip in only 1 second, which means you save time and optimize production.

The operator just needs to press the button of the opening with the tool and two motorized brushes will clean the tip. It is also possible to select the continuous mode.

The splashguard helps keep the bench always clean and free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD).

The CLMS-B can be fitted into any work area thanks to its reduced size and it is very easy to maintain. The solder collector tray can be emptied and re-used with no wear and tear.

CLMS-B - Junior Tip Cleaner
Operating modes
Switch and continuous
Brush diameter
Ø 34 mm (1.33 in)
Brush speed
550 rpm
650 rpm (continuous mode)
Silent operation
30 dB at 30 cm
Ambient operating temp.
10 to 40 ºC / 50 to 104 ºF
Equipotential bonding
ESD safe
AC adapter
Input: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 12 V, 1 A
Dimensions and weight
Cleaning Unit
95 x 91 x 112 mm / 1.45 kg.
3.74 x 3.58 x 4.41 in / 3.20 lb.
220 x 135 x 125 mm / 1.63 kg.
8.66 x 5.31 x 4.92 in / 3.60 lb.