The first Compact Station with Soldering AID

Soldering AID helps to improve soldering abilities

The system compares the new solder joints with the pre-stored soldering reference. The operator receives feedback from the station indicated by a colour with a percentage to qualify the process:

Soldering AID makes this station perfect for operators with little experience.

User-friendly menu

A renewed user menu allows the user to easily set up the station parameters.

It sets the suitable soldering configuration to obtain the best quality soldering in just a few steps.


Peripherals, Fume Extractors and Pedals can be directly connected to the CDE Station. Use JBC devices and accessories together with your CDE Station to achieve the best soldering results.

• FAE Fume extractors
• KNE-A Nitrogen kit
• Pedal
• Equipotential connection
• USB Connection


Connect your station to a computer using a USB cable and get the benefits that JBC NET Software/JBC Traceability System offers to control and trace your soldering production performance:

• Software updates
• Export graphics and soldering reference
• Web Manager
• JBC Traceability Software QST

The All-in-one solution

Save space on your workbench with the CDE that includes Control Unit, Tool, Stand, Cartridge Extractor, Cartridge Holder and Tip Cleaner in one compact device with the minimal footprint.

The Most Efficient Soldering System

It provides the best soldering quality thanks to JBC Most Efficient Solderyng System and additionally Sleep & Hibernation modes help to extend life of tips.

Compact Stations with Soldering AID


For precision soldering



For general purposes soldering

Is your cartridge suitable for your solder joint?

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