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Soldering: The Dos and Don’ts

Soldering may seem complicated and difficult but with a little practice it can become quite  simple. Nothing can substitute experience when soldering, but our tips will help you master this technique quickly. So read on!

In this post we’ll take you through the various dos and don’ts you need to know about soldering.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure

❌ Don’t apply too much pressure with the tool on the PCB or the parts being soldered. It will not solder the joints more quickly and will only damage the long-lasting plating and even ruin the finest tips.

✔️ jbc-soldering









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How to solder the right way?

Early soldering irons were very basic and were not very good for electronics soldering. There was no heat control and every time you placed the tip on a joint, the tip would cool down. Today’s stations have overcome these problems. But if you want to solder the right way, without getting frustrated the iron, and get professional results, read on.

Almost all stations have a menu with some parameters adjusted to maximize equipment performance and correctly manage the soldering process. Which parameters should be modified?

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How does the JBC heat up so quickly?

tweezersHow does the JBC heat up so quickly compared to older technology irons?

JBC Soldering Irons are fourth generation soldering technology. We use one wire buried deep in the tip of the copper to “read and feed.”

Our thermocouple and heating element wire are one in the same and are microprocessor driven over a sensor at 60 hertz utilizing up to 140 watts on demand in a very low mass cartridge.

This is why our thermal performance cannot be matched. It is technolgy compatible with todays needs, as well as tomorrows. Our competitors are using technolgy invented 20+ years ago with little advancement.

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Introducing: JBC Soldering Tools

JBC has a 2 tools and a 4 tools stations.
How many desoldering irons can I connect to them?

Always 1.
The 2 tools station has 2 connectors + 1 special connector for the desoldering pump and the 4 tools stations has 4 connectors + 1 special connector for the de desoldering pump.

When I look at the rework station RMST I see no tweezers in it. Can I connect them to it?
Yes, you can.
When you purchase an RMST you will not get them though. You will have to purchase them separately and don’t forget the stand for them!

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