How does the JBC heat up so quickly?

tweezersHow does the JBC heat up so quickly compared to older technology irons?

JBC Soldering Irons are fourth generation soldering technology. We use one wire buried deep in the tip of the copper to “read and feed.”

Our thermocouple and heating element wire are one in the same and are microprocessor driven over a sensor at 60 hertz utilizing up to 140 watts on demand in a very low mass cartridge.

This is why our thermal performance cannot be matched. It is technolgy compatible with todays needs, as well as tomorrows. Our competitors are using technolgy invented 20+ years ago with little advancement.

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3 thoughts on “How does the JBC heat up so quickly?

  1. Sorathon

    Drag soldering is the best. You’d be sprirused, even in my industry (assembling circuit boards) how many people don’t know about drag soldering. They get very comfortable with letting the stencil of solder paste and the reflow oven do the work. They forget how important it is to know basics like this. I used to get so many people asking me for solder wire with a 0.010 diameter because they thought that was the only way to solder something with a 15 mil pitch. Drag soldering people! It’s a thing.Nice job on the video. Thanks for sharing.

    1. JBC Post author

      Thank you Sorathon for your words. Comments are always welcome! It’s the best way to share a quality feedback and learn about basics and trends in the sector.
      Have a great day!


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