JBC builds up its presence in China

After three days and with a meaningful upswing in attendance, productronica China drew to a close on the 16th March.

JBC has gained visibility and strengthened its presence at this electronics fair since 2012. productronica China has given the company the chance to find out how the SMT equipment could meet the changing needs of the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Within its growth strategy in the Asian country, the company is also exhibiting for the first time at the next Nepcon South China, which will be held on 29-31 August at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

During the three-day exhibition visitors who approached the JBC stand talked with our soldering experts and experienced our new solutions live. We’ve saved some of the best scenes from our crowded booth to share with you!

productronica China photo gallery

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JBC has met the visitor’s expectations by introducing its outstanding innovations and exceptional products. Technology companies are continually on the leading-edge, considering unconventional and innovating ways to meet the market demands. JBC has identified this. So we have developed new solutions to achieve greater levels of productivity and efficiency.

Great praise given to the HDE and NANO stations by customers

hde heavy duty station jbc china

HDE Heavy Duty Station – The ideal solution for high thermal demand or prolonged soldering applications such as the production of solar panels, multi-layered circuits and components of large dissipation surfaces.

nano rework station jbc china

NASE Nano Rework Station – The best solution for repairing very small-sized components requiring the highest precision such as chips 0402, 0201, 01005, etc.

Great success of new products

jtse hot air station jbc china

JTSE Hot Air Station – High powered hot air station for repairing all types of SMDs quickly and safely, including the biggest QFPs and PLCCs.

sf solder feeder jbc china

The SF Automatic Solder Feeder allows you to feed solder wire automatically from any position.

solder pot jbc china

CT-SA Solder Pot – The solution to tin wires and components faster and safer.

What our customers say

“JBC products’ design gives a sense of science and technology. JBC tools make your work easier and more effective. The system recovers tip temperature extremely quickly and this lowers the soldering temperature. JBC soldering stations are state-of-the-art equipment”. Miao Zhuang.

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