6 things people should know about the Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s lips. There is no doubt that the next generation of manufacturing will be driven by connectivity. In some sectors, such as banks, tourism or telecommunications, it has caused a real shakeup.

Industry 4.0 connectivity

However, the electronics assembly industry has approached this 4th industrial revolution and the Internet of Things very quietly.

While not having a consensus or standardized protocol to meet the changes brought about by the Industry 4.0, many people wonder what its benefits are and how it can help companies reach their goals.

We are not only talking about machines which automatically communicate with each other or about devices or interconnected systems, the Industry 4.0 is much more. It brings real value to production industries and opens up new possibilities for quality, reliability and efficiency.

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to be connected and efficient. On these lines there are 6 positive outcomes concerning connectivity people should remember:

  1. Control of the process: connectivity brings new perspectives about how a plant is run, improving efficiency. Companies can analyze data and deliver meaningful information where and when it is most needed. They can also control the operators’ performance.
  2. Standardized parameters: the Industry 4.0 allows companies to create a smart and unified production system by connecting multiple plants to each other. This means they can prevent failures and in turn improve quality.
  3. Quick job set-up: setting up a job for production is one of the most critical tasks in a manufacturing environment.
  4. Faster and better decisions: when devices are connected, the data they generate goes directly into software applications controlled by users. At a glance, they can make more effective decisions than if they had to analyze the factory equipment one tool at a time. Connectivity enables companies to pick up on inefficiencies and solve problems sooner.
  5. Adaptable manufacturing: with the IoT, companies are able to help industrial customers solve problems that were previously thought to be unsolvable. The new factory 4.0 is constantly adapting to customers’ needs, modifying production and creating custom-made solutions.
  6. Remotely and in real time management: Factories and processes are controlled from a computer, with no time limits (remote control from mobile devices) or space.

All of this drives companies to improve quality and gain a competitive edge.

jbc webmanager Industry 4.0

Welcome to the Industry 4.0 and the factory of the future!

JBC has identified this. So we have moved a step forward in the Industry 4.0 and have launched the B•Net system, designed to remotely configure and manage JBC stations.

The B•Net system allows medium and big companies total control over the soldering process via Internet. They can configure all their stations at the same time and apply a specific configuration to each product line, regardless of where the factory is located. This means they can ensure that every plant works with the same parameters and standards.

This new technology allows you to establish operators and provide each one with authorization to make changes depending on their status. This control over production prevents failures, errors and problems so that quality is ensured before the product is finished and not after the routine check.

Having a factory connected will save money and resources and, of course, improve the quality of products. With the Industry 4.0 there are limitless opportunities for companies and society.

Try our demo. Registration is free and takes just a few seconds: webmanager.jbctools.com.

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    The points mentioned in the post kindly enlightened some facts about the industry 4.0.Next generation is the 4.0 industry were it leads it to be every organisation gets iit thats is why they started investing in it.


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